Posted By - Kate Spencer On June 25, 2016

Funny Feminism

It’s like an early Christmas: Amy Schumer on the cover of VOGUE and the Women In Comedy Special Issue of ELLE. Both are magazines that support the kind of feminism that changes categories. Comedy, like finance, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and culinary, is a great place to shift the conversation away from “female” comics to simply comics. COOKGIRL is hoping the whole conversation becomes obsolete….sort of like “working mother” is finally obsolete. Who isn’t working as a mother? 

The “Ghostbusters” remake with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon is a celebration of the funniest people in comedy…and yet the internet trolls decided to react as if having women star in this iconic movie was a crime against nature. 

“Almost from the moment that its leading women were announced in January 2015, it has been the subject of intense criticism from a subset of prospective moviegoers who, though they have not seen the film, say that it should not have been remade and that its female principal cast is a concession to political correctness.”

Which says more about the state of feminism. If the feminist dream of equality is supposedly achieved, why would the fact that this remake features an all-female cast be such a big deal?

In VOGUE, writer Jonathan Van Meter brilliantly captures Amy Schumer and addresses the question of women in comedy and what her humor says about the progress that has been made.

To Schumer’s mind, it is the phoniness of snobby politeness that is the true bitch. ‘I think the reign of the mean girls is ending…I think people are gravitating toward a more honest, more normal human.’ Likability has become something a dirty word for modern-day feminists, as if a woman’s daily routine should include being eternally diligent about whether she presents as pleasant and appealing.”

Happily, real, authentic voices are prevailing. 

Cannot wait for the “Ghostbusters” movie on July 15th. And really cannot wait for Amy Schumer’s book August 16th. You can pre-order your signed copy here.

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