Posted By - Kate Spencer On March 21, 2016

The Wage Gap

In a Season 2 episode of “Younger”, a male author who has written a book called “The Male Feminist” agrees to sign with the fictional publishing house Empirical, but only if they agree to pay him 77% of the original offer, so that he feels more like a woman.

And everyone gets the joke.

In the New York Times Sunday Business section on March 20th, Claire Cain Miller’s “The Upshot” addresses why women still get the short end of the dollar with the question “Why is progress stalling?”

Women are now better educated than men, have nearly the same work experience and pursue the same high-paying jobs. Paula England, a New York University sociology professor says that once women start doing a job, “It just doesn’t look like it’s as important to the bottom line or requires as much skill. Gender bias sneaks into those decisions.” So when women enter a field that has been historically dominated by men, the research found that the pay drops.

It’s sobering. Culinary has historically been largely a male-dominated field and much has been written recently about how family leave policies that reflect real life would make a huge impact in keeping women in the food world.

In fact, research found that one thing that has the greatest impact on balancing the wage gap is……paid family leave.

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