Posted By - Kate Spencer On November 23, 2015

The Big Apple. The Empire State. The New York Project.

Hello New York!

To kick off our focus on THE NEW YORK PROJECT, COOKGIRL and our co-host Gail Simmons gathered with friends and fans in Brooklyn to spend an evening with Milk Bar Chef/Owner/All Around Amazing Leader Christina Tosi for a Bake the Book Class. 

What did we learn? 

First, how to tie a hair ribbon. Tosi explained that as she journeyed through the ranks of kitchens where she was the rare female presence, putting a bow in her hair sent a message, “Yeah, I’m a girl. Deal with it.” She made the ribbons and we all got to pick based on our personalities and then tie up our hair. 

Second, her genius recipes are all about the unique combination of texture (crunchy! creamy!) and flavor. The legendary birthday cake is layer upon layer of cake bedazzled with sprinkles separated by the creamiest frosting you’ve ever seen. Step by step, we assembled our cakes while drinking some wine from Brooklyn Winery and Stella Artois. And you can make it at home if you buy the book: Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook and Milk Bar Life

Finally, energy begets energy. Do what you love and your energy is boundless. Christina Tosi’s energy has led her empire to grow beyond the Empire State. After 5 monster successes in New York, Tosi is now open in Toronto and Washington DC, her old stomping grounds.

This month will be an exciting wrap up of Our Favorite Things About on THE LIST. It is a long list and growing.

If you think you’ve found someone we might forget in our wrap up? ADD A CHEF now!

COOKGIRL is about promoting female chefs and advancing their businesses.  There are so many amazingly talented women who are changing the face of the restaurant scene in New York.  And nothing creates change — and balances the scales of opportunity — faster than commerce. 

I love New York.


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