Posted By - Kate Spencer On January 29, 2017

In the wake of the Women's March

In the wake of the Women’s March, here are some of the best pieces from the week.

Frank Bruni. What’s not to love? The voice for so many and such a thoughtful piece in the NYT Sunday Review: “But we’re seeing something else - something sunnier - beyond the White House: an awakening in many Americans who were trusting, complacent or distracted before.”

Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca wrote a compelling piece about what it means when someone gaslights you. You know, when they say you’re crazy and that what you know/saw/heard didn’t happen? That person who is telling you that what you know to be true in your heart is wrong? She created such hoopla that the New York Times picked up the story of her insta-internet-fame

Another piece by Susan Lyons was about how everyone participates in the movement in a different way. If the march was truly about making an impact on the lives of others, this piece was brilliant in that it was from the perspective of someone who has been extremely active and vocal about women’s rights. Instead of marching, she found herself at a funeral: “I realized I had surrendered my fighting, independent self. Intricately entwined in my life as a mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend, I acknowledged my roles as caretaker, lead parent, facilitator of family conversations and advancer of other people’s ambitions…A smaller march, to move a woman’s life forward, with grace.”

We need to remember that there are so many ways to participate and make a difference. But the only way that any of us will make a difference is if we show up in our own lives and fight for what we believe.

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