Posted By - Kate Spencer On January 30, 2015

Thank You!!

So much has gone into launching COOKGIRL. Were it not for the encouragement, inspiration and dedication of everyone who played a role, it would not have happened.

First, thank you to Charlotte Druckman @cettedrucks for providing a sounding board and humor and tea and feminist chutzpah with a sweet smile and a roadmap in your book SKIRT STEAK: WOMEN CHEFS ON STANDING THE HEAT AND STAYING IN THE KITCHEN. I may have to replace my dog-eared copy.

Thank you to my friends at FOOD & WINE, Christina Grdovic SVP/Publisher @grdovic and Dana Cowin Editor in Chief @fwscout. We worked together for 17 years and your cheering and business smarts and editorial smarts and friendship, to say nothing of FOOD & WINE’s brand devotion to #foodwinewomen, is an inspiration.

Phil Baltz, PR Buddha at Baltz & Co, thank you for your cut to the chase direction. Dannielle Kyrillos, every sentence is quotable and I find myself asking people “What’s New With You?”. JP Kyrillos, equally quotable (who is pithier? I can’t choose) and full of knowledge from running THE DAILY MEAL.

Thank you Jennifer Dunne for your support of and excitement for COOKGIRL. Your wordsmithing should be an Olympic Sport.

Thank you to the COOKGIRL team. Libby Liesveld for your social media prowess and “consider it done” attitude, Jennifer Edmonds for scheduling and writing and pushing and “we need to get this done”, and Frances Miller for operations and back-up and clean-up and making it happen quietly and succinctly from the North.

Thank you to my parents, Eldon “My Middle Name is Entrepreneur” Miller and Anne “Leap and the Net Shall Appear” Miller.

Thank you to my amazing boys Strawn, Ben and Thomas who never once questioned why I would turn my attention to COOKGIRL. “Mom, we’re totally all about this lady bandwagon.”

And George. I’m sure your classmates at Amherst would be surprised (shock and awe perhaps) to know that the original idea for COOKGIRL was yours. You’re a late blooming feminist and I love you.

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