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USA Pavilion sponsored by James Beard Foundation and International Culinary Center featuring the flavors and stories of regional American food, which includes FOOD TRUCK NATION and a pop-up Restaurant with visiting chefs. 

Here is the COOKGIRL Calendar for Milan Expo showcasing the amazingly talented female chefs who will be cooking at the James Beard American Restaurant at Seven Star Galleria:

Cathy Whims, Nostrana (Portland, OR): May 15-16

Barbara Lynch, No. 9 Park (Boston, MA): May 19-20

Terrace Talk: Women in the Professional Kitchen* May 25

Trio: Mary Sue Milliken, Border Grill (Los Angeles, CA) with Traci Des Jardins, Jardinière (San Francisco, CA) and Emily Luchetti, Marlowe (San Francisco, CA): May 26-27

Maria Hines, Tilth (Seattle, WA): June 2-3

Cristina Bowerman, Glass Hosteria (Rome): June 4

Maricel Presilla, Zafra (Hoboken, NJ): June 19-20

Sara Jenkins, Porchetta (New York, NY): July 14-15

Cristeta Comerford, The White House (Washington D.C.): Aug 18-19

Jennifer Jasinski, Rioja (Denver, CO): Sept 4-5

Anne Quatrano, Baccanalia (Atlanta, GA): Sept 15-16

Kirsten Dixon & Mandy Dixon, Within the Wild (Anchorage, AK): Oct 13-14

Naomi Pomeroy, Beast (Portland, OR): Oct 23-24 


*The Milan Expo Terrace Talk focuses on Women in the Professional Kitchen

featuring Mary Sue Milliken, Traci Des Jardins and Emily Luchetti

While women have historically been the primary cooks at home, professional kitchens have traditionally been the domain of men. In America this is changing due to a combination of societal and culinary forces that have helped women succeed in culinary professions.” 


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