Posted By - Kate Spencer On February 13, 2015

Kitchen In Love

Julia Child’s book “My Life in France” is the quintessential foodie love story and one that comes to mind during Valentine’s Weekend. So many food business and restaurants are born from amazing partnerships, some romantic and some not.

But in honor of Cupid, we wanted to showcase two teams in the kitchen who are also partners in life. From the COOKGIRL LIST, Jenn Louis and her husband David Welch of Lincoln and Sunshine Tavern in Portland, Oregon and from THE CHICAGO PROJECT, Megan and Dave Miller of Baker Miller in Lincoln Square.

XOXO Team 1:

In 2008, Jenn Louis and David Welch opened Lincoln Restaurant, the quintessential mix of modern and rustic. It’s seasonal, beautiful, delicious. David is always on the hunt for new craft beers and searching for the best artisanal wines, making the wine list one of the most interesting and well curated that you will find. Their second co-venture is Sunshine Tavern, which opened in 2011 with soul-satisfying food and David’s eclectic cocktails.

What will COOKGIRL be ordering during the next trip to Portland? I think we’ll start at Lincoln with the Chicken Liver Mousse Monte Cristo with prosciutto, fontina and Meyer lemon conserva followed by the Pork Chop and Pancetta with black trumpet and hedgehog mushrooms and leeks. Drinks afterwards at Sunshine Tavern? Yes, please. I’ll have El Nuevo-Viejo: Hornitos Reposado, Aperol, grapefruit and mole bitters, agave.

This will tide us over until Jenn’s new cookbook arrives March 25, 2015 in the mail: Pasta by Hand: A Collection of Italy’s Regional Hand-Shaped Pasta. It’s the first time many of the regional pastas appear in English, and with more than 65 recipes, COOKGIRL looks forward to making gnocchi and spatzli and the delicious sauces to match. Cook on!

XOXO Team 2:

Megan and Dave Miller are the proud owners of Baker Miller in Chicago, one of the many talents COOKGIRL is celebrating during THE CHICAGO PROJECT. Baker Miller is Chicago’s first grain-centric sweet and savory bake-house. Located in Lincoln Square, the couple’s philosophy is centered on sustainability and changing how we think about grains in our diet. The business is so new that they proudly announce on their website that “WE NOW HAVE A PHONE”, so you can call to pre-order anything on the Seasonal Menu. So what will COOKGIRL be having? Well, it’s Brunch ALL DAY, EVERY DAY with oatmeal, grits, a plowman’s breakfast and just dressed arugula. But what we’re craving is the sour dough cinnamon rolls and sorghum muffins. Sorghum you ask? First of all, it’s gluten-free but that’s only half of it – it is grown from traditional hybrid seeds and doesn’t contain any traits that are gained through biotech Frankenstein wheat (non-GMO). It’s also eaten with all of its outer layers, thereby retaining nutrients. That’s the COOKGIRL Health & Balance tip of the day.

Get there early or reserve your order. The Pastry & Bread Bar is only available until they are sold out.

Maybe we’ll bring home a Citrus Meringue pie.

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