Posted By - Kate Spencer On November 21, 2015

COOKGIRL HOLIDAY MARKET Brings Together the Coolest, Most Delicious and Gorgeous Products for the Holidays

COOKGIRL is thrilled to announce a first-ever Pop-Up HOLIDAY MARKET in partnership with MOLLY FLAVIN FLORAL DESIGN and RECREO SAN MIGUEL to benefit COOKGIRL FOUNDATION.

The Holiday Market, which will kick off with a Preview Party on Friday, December 11, 2015, will be housed in the MH Fish House building at 670 Bank Lane, Lake Forest, IL.

COOKGIRL is on a mission to promote female chefs and women in the food world, empowering the next wave of talent through grants and awards from the COOKGIRL FOUNDATION.

MOLLY FLAVIN’s fresh innovative floral design and gift selection incorporates an eye for beauty that is simultaneously curated and bountiful, rustic and elegant, modern and natural.

RECREO SAN MIGUEL is hand crafted luxury in the world’s finest fabrics - silk, linen, cashmere - for a contemporary and beautiful serape, in addition to ponchos, jackets, vests, tunics, scarves and shawls.

COOKGIRL has selected the most delicious and special products made by amazingly talented women across the country. Highlights include:

HEDLEY & BENNETT: Custom COOKGIRL aprons from the super cool apron squad in Los Angeles, led by Ellen Bennett, who is the understudy to Amy Poehler’s JOY in “Inside Out.”

GOODIE GIRL COOKIES: Shira Berk is a mom, a native New Yorker and someone who has been on a quest since 2010 to create the most delicious, all-natural GLUTEN FREE cookie known on earth. Success! 

SQIRL LOS ANGELES: Jessica Koslow has created a preserve revolution in Los Angeles, where they wait in line to indulge in the most gorgeous preserves. Depending on the season, you might find Gravenstein Apple Butter, Moro Blood Orange Marmalade, Wild Boysenberry, or a Blenheim Apricot preserve. They still make all of their preserves on site, in copper jam pans, and according to techniques developed in the 1500s.

HELLIEMAE’S: Ellen Daehnick, the artist also know as Helliemae, loves big flavors, good food and craftsmanship. Intense, complex flavors are created in small batches for the most delicious caramels you’ve ever tasted: from Classic Salt Caramels to Whiskey Love Bomb Caramels to Coffee Caramels and Cardamom Caramels, these are foodie treasures!

Stay tuned as we announce more purveyors. And SAVE THE DATE!

COOKGIRL’s Holiday Market Preview Party will be Friday December 11, 2015 to benefit COOKGIRL FOUNDATION with the market open December 12 - 19, 2015 as follows:

Saturday, December 12: 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday, December 13: 12 pm - 5 pm, CHEF CHRISTINE CIKOWSKI TAKES OVER OF MH FISH HOUSE 6:30 pm

Monday, December 14: 10 am - 5 pm

Tuesday, December 15: 10 am - 5 pm

Wednesday, December 16: 10 am - 4 pm, closing early for MEN’S NIGHT WHISKEY & GIFTS 7-9 pm

Thursday, December 17: 10 am - 5pm

Friday, December 18: 10 am - 5 pm

Saturday, December 19: 10 am - 5pm

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