Posted By - Kate Spencer On January 30, 2015

Health and Balance

Itís the end of January and if you are still holding true to your resolutions to be healthier in 2015, you are not alone. As a core theme in our conversations with the amazingly talented Chicago area female chefs who made the COOKGIRL LIST, we asked about Health & Balance. Being a chef is grueling work; running a restaurant requires energy and focus in addition to talent. Like all of us, these chefs are working to balance it all and are constantly being pulled in different directions. Each had a way of being regimented while maintaining flexibility. They are working out in the morning at 6 am, they are runners, swimmers, spinners, Shred 415-ers and yogis. They juice and they cut out sugar and they are careful as they taste everything that will come out of their kitchens.

During THE CHICAGO PROJECT, which is January and February, we will showcase Chicago chefs and bring you some hot tips on staying healthy as a foodie. Food is fuel, water is king and sleep is the God Of All Things.

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