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COOKGIRL's HOLIDAY MARKET Opens Saturday December 12th

The Holiday Market opens this weekend in Lake Forest, IL and the store is chock-a-block full of the most delicious artisan culinary products in the COOKGIRL pantry, the most gorgeous holiday greens, flowers, gifts from MOLLY FLAVIN FLORAL DESIGN and  luxury hand-tailored ponchos and wraps in cashmere, leather, silk, wool and cotton accented in sterling silver from RECREO SAN MIGUEL.

The COOKGIRL pantry will feature these amazingly talented artisan products:

Cocoa Santé: Jen Keegan and Shannon Ames have created a delicious, nutritious instant Hot Chocolate mixes with foodie flavor profiles such as Nor’Easter, Parisien, Kashmir Spice and Azteca.

Goodie Girl: A mom, a native New Yorker and founder of Goodie Girl Cookies, Shira Berk began her quest in 2010 to create an all-natural, super delicious line of cookies that are AMAZINGLY gluten free.

Gullah Girl Tea: COOKGIRL first read about Charmaine Bee in Cherry Bombe Magazine, so she passed all litmus tests for talent and super coolness. Charmaine’s unique blend of tea, herbs, flowers and dried fruits make her tea a true elixir.

Hedley & Bennett: While working in various kitchens throughout LA, Hedley & Bennett Founder Ellen Bennett noticed the mundane, stale look of restaurant uniforms. What started as an experiment for one of her chef’s kitchens turned into a cult of culinary professionals donning these thoughtfully well-constructed designer aprons all handmade in Los Angeles.

Helliemae’s: Ellen Daehnick, aka Helliemae, loves big flavors, good food, and craftsmanship. Made by hand with local, organic ingredients whenever possible, Helliemae’s is handcrafted postpone DIY with hell-on-wheels flavors. Think super dark, almost bitter caramels with plenty of flaky, crunchy sea salt.

Nourishing Notes: Combining their passion for food, design, illustration, type and laughter, co-founders Julie Morelli and Andy Schwegler started Nourishing Notes after a laugh-out-loud moment with turned a joke about a lamb shank into their very first greeting card. Letterpress printed notecards with more foodie jokes and gorgeously illustrated kitchen towels are perfect holiday gifts!

Rumi Spice: The inspirational story of two former Army Officers turned Harvard MBAs who launched a company to import the world’s most coveted spice - saffron from Afghanistan. Co-Founder/CEO Kimberly Jung and Co-Founder/CEO Emily Miller are using commerce as a path to peace in that region - and now have a cult following of chefs in the United States.

Sommer House: Sweet, salty, nutty and totally addictive granola featuring organic Santa Barbara pistachios, tart cherries and coconut oil. Each batch is homemade in sunny Southern California by the super talented and inspirational Jennifer Sommer, who also has a blog worth everyone’s time: SommerDish.

Sqirl: Jessica Koslow is the genius behind SQIRL, the jam that will change your life. There is a comically long line outside of her restaurant in Los Angeles where she serves meals worth lining up for. Sqirl still makes all of their preserves on site, in copper pans, according to techniques developed in the 1500s.

Terlato Kitchen: Signature small-batch pasta sauces, made only with the finest ingredients - Pomodoro, Arrabbiata and Vodka - with Strawberry Preserves (we have the last batch until the next strawberry season!), Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Tart Cherry & Pistachio Soft Biscotti will be featured in the Holiday Market. It’s like being able to shop in the pantry of a family that knows about luxury in culinary through their exceptional wines: the Terlatos.

Zen of Slow Cooking: Meg Barnhart and Jane McKay, two busy moms, created this gorgeous line of premium spice blends that are perfect for the slow cooker. They bring a little “Zen” into your kitchen. There are 9 amazing blends: Carolina Pulled Pork, Coq au Vin, Daube Provençale, Indian Dal, Marinara, Moroccan Tagine, Southwest Fiesta, Sweet & Spicy and Mulling Spices for the season. Each tin also includes your shopping list, a Zen quote inside as you take a deep inhalation to make a delicious and stress free meal. And through a new partnership with the Planet Access Company, Meg and Jane’s zen spice blends will be packaged by adults with development disabilities. 

Cook On!

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