Posted By - Kate Spencer On May 17, 2016


COOKGIRL is thrilled to announce a partnership with Cherry Bombe Magazine, the super cool, beautifully designed biannual magazine that celebrates women and food - those who grow it, make it, serve it, style it, enjoy it and everything in between. 

Founded in Spring 2013 by Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu, Cherry Bombe features a variety of cultures, cuisines and voices - chefs and servers, food stylists and scientists, culinary icons and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. These two talented and creative business women met when they were colleagues at Harper’s Bazaar. Kerry went on to work in the beauty and fashion industries and opened two Brooklyn restaurants (Seersucker and Nightingale 9) and one coffee shop (Smith Canteen) with her chef boyfriend. Claudia launched Me Magazine, the cult indie publication, and runs her own creative agency/design firm.

The shared mission to help promote and showcase women in the culinary arts led to the partnership between Cherry Bombe and COOKGIRL Founder Kate Miller Spencer. Kate, with a background in advertising sales and marketing, will be the Director of Business Development & Marketing for Cherry Bombe. And 2% of the net proceeds of the advertising sales for Cherry Bombe will be directed to the COOKGIRL FOUNDATION.

If you haven’t subscribed to Cherry Bombe, do. It’s gorgeous and fun and as VOGUE said:

“It’s a delightful magazine to acquire-so rarely do fashion and food have a chance to mingle on the page without a fuss. It wouldn’t be surprising if you picked Cherry Bombe up to browse and - much in the way you might tell yourself you’re only eating half of that chocolate chip cookie - you discover you’ve read the whole thing through.”

All oars in the water, rowing in the same direction to celebrate the amazingly talented women in the food world. 

Cook On!

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