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What I Learned at Cherry Bombe Jubilee 2016

There were so many lessons that were repeated throughout the day. Be passionate. Be focused. Take Care of Yourself. Community Matters. 

Cherry Bombe is a community that happens to also be a magazine. It is a meaningful network of women who are supportive of each other and have a shared obsession: food. The idea behind Jubilee was to bring everyone together for a day and share ideas and inspiration.

Some of the best tips of the day came from Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley, who just released an awesome new cookbook Good + Simple. They offered their top 10 “Things We Know For Sure”:

  1. Follow Your Bliss
  2. Dream & Dream Big
  3. Grow Slow & Be OK With Saying No
  4. Get With Your Gut
  5. Meditate
  6. Detox Your Life, Especially Digitally
  7. Fight For What You Know Is Right
  8. Sleep More
  9. Work With People Greater Than You
  10. Health is Wealth So Make Soup 

and the bonus Happiness is Gratitude.

Here are some other nuggets of wisdom from Cherry Bombe Jubilee 2016:

  1. White Space - Find Something That No One Else is Doing, Be Original, Authentic, True & Real
  2. Passion is a Magnet, It’s When Angels Show Up
  3. Put it Out There, Be Vulnerable
  4. Whole Foods Has A Competition Coordinator To Keep Innovating
  5. Every Person Should Be The Boss Of Their Own Life
  6. Farming Without An Economic Imperative is Gardening
  7. Snow Makes Sweeter Apples
  8. Food Is The Center Where Everything Else Happens
  9. New York Is Having A Food Moment
  10. Female Chefs Being Out There and Getting Press is Helping the Next Wave of Talent

The day was topped with a cherry when Kerry Diamond, Editorial Director and Co-Founder of Cherry Bombe, interviewed the amazing Martha Stewart:

  1. Martha is Never Nervous
  2. Curiosity is Her Main Characteristic
  3. She Rides in the Front Seat with the Driver So That She Can See Everything
  4. She Personally Takes All Of The Pictures On Her Blog
  5. Julia Child Was Her Mentor
  6. The Internet Was Initially A Time Saver, Then a Time Suck, And Now We Need To Rethink How We Use It
  7. Time is SO Precious and Is Her Main Focus
  8. Her Habits To Become and Stay Successful Include Being Very Organized, She Makes A List of Things To Do AM & PM; Talk On The Phone Everyday, Don’t Rely on Email
  9. Boxed Food Such as Plated, Blue Apron and Purple Carrot are The Future, Not A Fad - It’s About Efficiency and No Food Waste, Two Things Martha Cares About Deeply
  10. She Loves A White Burgundy, Horseback Riding and Eating Real Eggs
  11. Martha Is A Feminist By Example
  12. Don’t Borrow Money to Pursue Your Idea or Dream, Own It 100% - It’s Hard Work But Worth It
  13. Her Own Regret is Not Having a Bigger Family
  14. Her Best Advice Is To Enjoy What You’ve Achieved
  15. Her Challenge to Everyone is To Give Back In As Big A Way As Possible

Cook On!

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