Posted By - Kate Spencer On November 16, 2015

The Paris Project

COOKGIRL is about promoting the businesses and entrepreneurial spirit of women in the food world. With the horrific terrorist attack in Paris occurring while Parisians were enjoying the stuff of life - music, sports and food - it is more important than ever before to support the businesses that will senselessly suffer. 

The female chefs in Paris are inspiring entrepreneurs and have changed the Paris restaurant scene. COOKGIRL salutes and supports the amazing women of Paris:

Hélène Darroze ~ Hélène Darroze 

Amélie Darvas ~ Haï Kaï 

Alice di Cagno ~ Chatomat

Rougui Dia ~ Buddha-Bar 

Agata Felluga ~ Jour de Fête 

Camille Fourmont  ~ la Buvette 

Beatriz Gonzales ~ Coretta

Adeline Grattard ~ Yam'Tcha 

Alix Lacloche ~ Chef, Author & Caterer

Tatiana Levha ~  Le Servan

Federica Mancioppi  ~ formerly of Caffè dei Cioppi 

Flora Mikula ~ Auberge Flora Hotel & Restaurant

Celine Mingam ~ le Galoubet 

Anne-Sophie Pic ~ La Dame De Pic 

Alice Quillet & Anna Trattles ~ Bal Café and Ten Belles 

Delphine Zampetti ~ CheZaline 

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