Posted By - Kate Spencer On January 22, 2017

This Girl Is On Fire

The Women’s March headed to the White House this weekend as large marches and rallies sprouted up across the country and around the world. The numbers surprised organizers and cities everywhere. Even in the most conservative states, women gathered together to hopefully start a movement of what the New York Times described as “defiant but jubilant voices.”

One of the by-products of the election results is that it has sparked a fighter’s spirit inside of women, even for those who have never protested for any reason. One sign read “Even the Introverts Are Here.” It was powerful and energizing but was it just a day-long event or the launch of a movement? Women had different reasons for marching, so as the movement takes form we’re hoping it can be more cohesive with a focus on protecting the rights of women.

Last February, when most believed that the inauguration would be a celebration of the belief that the future is female, Huffington Post ran a piece about when women don’t help other women. It was written by Carol Vallone Mitchell, Ph. D., author of Breaking Through “Bitch” - How Women Can Shatter Stereotypes and Lead Fearlessly. She said that many companies had given lip service to women’s networks - because it was “not where the power lies in most organizations…Men helping each other is sponsorship and succession planning; women helping each other is feminism, and in the workplace, that is still largely considered a negative thing indeed.”

But maybe that is changing and the reality that we need to stick together outweighs the notion that it’s “just feminism.”

Elizabeth Gilbert so brilliantly posted on her Instagram on Friday that having a strong adversary creates stronger fighters. She pointed out that Harry Potter flourished as a hero because of Voldemort:

“Darkness and evil ALWAYS have an interesting side-effect.

Darkness and evil ALWAYS give opportunities for heroes to rise….

So…who will our Harry Potter be now?

I want it to be you.

I want it to be me.

I want it to be US.


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