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The COOKGIRL Manifesto

The talent of being a chef truly has nothing to do with gender. There are however markedly different experiences - and obstacles – that women have to overcome on their road to success. First, for female entrepreneurs the biggest hurdle remains access to capital. This is true in any industry but is particularly acute in the culinary world. Second, The amazingly talented women in the food world deserve more attention. Attention creates buzz and capital follows buzz.

Join COOKGIRL in our mission to showcase the best-of-the-best across the country and give to the COOKGIRL FOUNDATION to help us provide scholarship funds for women to get restaurant but need a refresher on the business principles that are so important to owning and running a restaurant. Think of it as a CHEF MBA.

Female chefs are doing amazing things, cooking incredible food and inspiring us to eat better, live well and enjoy life. They are unwavering in their determination. Join us as we support them!

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